Subconscious Influence in Super Bowl Commercials – Part 7 – Conclusion

Symbolism and Association rule the arena. Gone are the times when a mere jingle carried the day or a simple logo could entice. Advertisers seek to exert ever more influence over their demographics. To do that, they need to go into the very depths of a person, where desire burns and meaning is forged. They need to speak to the unconscious. And they do. They’ve learned the secret language.

This new language speaks in metaphor, creates association, and does so with strategic repettion. It really hammers it in. We’ve seen commercials here repeat a single metaphor 6 times in 15 seconds. Other commercials above might repeat the metaphor many times over within a minute. All this symbolism affects your mind quite powerfully. All you have to do is watch it. At the physical level, your brain is changing shape and firing differently from having seen it. The more times it is seen, the stronger the connection, and the more dramatic the change.

Being aware of these changes in our brains, our next steps are to determine which of these associations we should keep. Some feel compelled to say that we should blast them all out of our heads. How dare a corporation manipulatively influence us out of our money and rob us of our free will! At the other extreme are the lazy and the laissez faire, who will complacently allow certain commercials to work their magic, altering attitudes and behaviors. The middle ground has an interesting job. They must figure out which influences they should keep, which they should combat, and create a philosophical underpinning for their choices.

Look forward to enjoying this in an upcoming post.

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