Meet Matt

Matt is passionate about what he does and has many credits. You can be sure you'll be treated well with skillful hands.

Matt first learned hypnosis over 15 years ago. Today he teaches and certifies the next generation of hypnotists to care for their clients and promote their health and well-being. You might expect Matt to be an expert in many various aspects of the unconscious mind, and you'd be right. As a memory expert, Matt has memorized 25 decks of cards (2,600 pieces of info) with only a single glance at each card. He learned that entire oceans of knowledge can swirl inside of us, and still we will not brim. As a body reading expert, Matt learned that as soon as a thought appears in the mind, it is also expressed in the body. With this skill, he has been hired to detect deception in a murder case. More importantly, it has helped him speak to the very core of his clients, where they are really at and where real change is made.

You can find Matt in his office or doing live events. He has a successful meetup called “Mind Shifts” where he educates the public on various facets of the unconscious mind and how it can help them in their life. You can also find him teaching seminars on hypnosis, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), memory, body reading, and many other wonderful ways the unconscious mind can help you. Our minds are much more capable of magic than we might imagine even as we let our limitless imagination fly free.

Inspired Flight is among the best in hypnotherapy and NLP that Orange County has to offer. We care deeply about our clients and go the extra mile to create the change you need in your life. Your well-being and success are our top priorities. Take control of your life with Inspired Flight by contacting us now.

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